Zlata Irina Privedentseva          

Born Oktober 30th, 1981
Krasnodar Russia.

Her current country of residence is:
The Netherlands.

Zlata is a Professional artist who holds a bachelor and Master title in the field "Teacher of Fine Arts" 
She received her Master title in 2006 at the Kuban State University in Krasnodar Russia.

Zlata's favorite materials are Oil Paint and Canvas. 


A word from the artist: 

Hello, my name is Zlata. I was born in Russia, in a family of artists and I have chosen to continue my family tradition. My first creative work could be categorized as graphics. I was fond of japanese culture and even learned japanese. When I studied at the art college of Krasnodar, oil collors opened up a new world for me, and I understood with help of my teacher that it is where my talents lie. After art college where I got the degree 'Teacher of fine arts' I attended the Kuban state university where I studied for another 5 years, working to improve my skills.

I call the style in which I paint expressionism, because my paintings are full of emotions. I am not going to write about my work, it is much better to watch it.

Visit the gallery to check out my works and if you like them or have a question about them, leave a message at the contact page.





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